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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic 'Not All That Interested' In New Jersey Nets' Offer, According To Report

The New Jersey Nets appear to have vaulted to the front of the Dwight Howard trade sweepstakes, but the Orlando Magic don't seem all that enamored with what the Nets are offering. New Jersey's offer centers around big man Brook Lopez and multiple draft picks, but the Magic aren't interested now, according to David Aldridge of

The Magic, the source said, will not allow a repeat of the Shaquille O'Neal departure from Orlando to Los Angeles in 1996, when O'Neal walked as a free agent and the Magic were left with nothing. If the organization ultimately decides it has no choice but to trade Howard, it will do so. But the Magic will decide where he goes. The source said a reported proposed package by the Nets of center Brook Lopez and Draft picks for Howard is not at all interesting to the Magic.

The Nets have their own draft pick to offer this year, but did trade away a pick they acquired from the Golden State Warriors in order to acquire Deron Williams. Besides Lopez, it remains unclear what other assets might be appealing to the Magic.

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