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Bulls Pull Keith Bogans Off Practice Floor, Spark Trade Rumors

The Chicago Bulls pulled guard Keith Bogans off of the practice floor on Friday as training camps opened for the first time this season, reports K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. The nature of the Bulls' precautionary measure isn't known, but the report sparked immediate trade speculation.

The Bulls have been markedly absent from free agent talk as the NBA erupted into a frenzy on Thursday. Chicago was believed to be targeting a veteran small forward like Grant Hill or Caron Butler to relieve pressure on Luol Deng, but those two players signed with the Phoenix Suns and L.A. Clippers, respectively. The Bulls have also been mentioned as suitors for Jamal Crawford and Jason Richardson.

Bogans is seen as the weak link in the Bulls' rotation, with many fans pushing for the team to upgrade the shooting guard spot.

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