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Dwight Howard Reportedly Given Permission To Speak To Three Teams, Including Nets

Dwight Howard has been given permission to speak to three teams in an effort to explore a trade, according to a report on Friday night. Trade rumors involving Howard had been swirling ahead of the free agency period, coming to a head on Friday morning as allegations of tampering emerged. However, the New Jersey Nets, the team alleged to have met with Howard before the free agency period began, were one of the teams reportedly granted permission to speak to him on Friday.

The report comes from Adrian Wojnarowski, who spoke to Howard's agent on Friday.

The agent for Dwight Howard, Dan Fegan, tells Y! Sports that Orlando has given Howard permission to talk to three teams. The Nets are one of three teams that Howard has permission to speak, but Fegan says Howard did not attend a meeting with Nets officials.

It's unknown which two teams were also granted permission to speak with Howard.

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