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Dwight Howard Adds Clippers To Trade Wish List, According To Report

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Dwight Howard's trade wish list has grown by one team, reports Chris Sheridan of, and that team is the L.A. Clippers. The Clips reportedly join the New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks and L.A. Lakers as teams Howard would be open to signing a long-term contract with should the Orlando Magic elect to trade him before he can become a free agent in July.

Sheridan also reports that the Nets are quickly losing their status. New Jersey is just 3-10 as Brook Lopez is recovering from knee surgery and the squad around Deron Williams has struggled mightily.

Howard has been fuzzy about whether he would listen to pitches if the Magic choose to trade him to a team not on his wish list before the March 15 deadline; the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks have been rumored to be considering making a pitch to "rent" Howard for the rest of the season, then convince him to sign long-term in the offseason. The Magic could also decide to keep him past the deadline and hope a deep playoff run and a higher allowable contract offer keeps him in Orlando.

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