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NCAA Tournament 2011, Clemson vs. UAB Score: Tigers Cruise To 37-24 Halftime Lead Against UAB In Play-In Game

It took a little later than it should have, but someone finally woke up UAB and reminding them they’re playing Clemson tonight in the First Four Play-In game.

At the 9:30 mark in the first half, Clemson led the game 25-7. Later on they trailed 31-13. At that point they finally decided to make a run and close the gap.

Jerai Grant leads the Tigers with 12 points on 6-9 shooting as well as 7 rebound. Milton Jennings has 8 points and two players have six for Clemson.

UAB is shooting 32% from the field and it shows in the player scores. Dexter Fields has nine points while no other player has more than six.

UAB needs to make their move quickly, lest they want the Colorado fans to hate them by proxy for the next three months. Either way, West Virginia can’t be too worried at the moment about which team will show up to play them.

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