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Obama's Bracket: President Makes 2011 NCAA Tournament Picks, Likes 1-Seeds

When you're President Barack Obama, you have to make decisions that are measured, popular and logical. This applies to foreign policy, the economy and, it seems, filling out your 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket.

The President filled out his brackets for the 2011 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments through, predicting a Men’s Final Four of Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Pittsburgh and a Women’s Final Four of Baylor, Connecticut, Stanford and Tennessee. Just in case you're keeping track, every single one of those teams is a 1-seed.

Before you go doubting the President, remember, he did correctly pick North Carolina to win in 2009. He picked Kansas last year, however, when Duke won the title. But as long as he spells Syracuse correctly this year, he will have done a good job.

The president's men's bracket, including his choice for national champion, will be revealed on the noon (ET) "SportsCenter" on Wednesda has been revealed  -- he has Kansas over Ohio State for the national championship. 

By the way, Doris Burke...Hillary Clinton double for risky public appearances?