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Morehead State Shocks Louisville In NCAA Tournament, Ex-Cardinal Terrence Williams Not Happy

When Terrence Williams played for Louisville, the Cardinals were among the college elite, especially during March Madness. Louisville went to Elite Eight in Williams' junior and senior seasons, and were the No. 1 overall seed in 2009. Today, Louisville lost to Morehead State. As the Cardinals fell behind and trailed late, Williams expressed his dismay on Twitter.


For the record, Morehead State is a university located in Morehead, Kentucky.

Louisville hadn't lost in what used to be called the first round since 2004, though it's worth noting that the Cardinals didn't make the tournament in Williams' freshman season of 2006, and lost in the second round in 2007 to higher-seeded Texas A&M.

But no, Louisville didn't lose to Morehead State or teams like Morehead State when Williams was there, and that speaks to the Cardinals' real lack of star power. Peyton Siva was rather awful for most of Thursday's game; Williams and predecessor Francisco Garcia typically performed at a higher level when tourney time arrived. Times have definitely changed.