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NCAA Tournament Update: Wisconsin Runs Away From Belmont At End Of First


NCAA Tournament upstart Belmont had Wisconsin sweating another day-one upset early in the first half, leading early and forcing a tie with about four minutes to go. But the Badgers went on an 11-2 run to take a satisfactory 34-27 score into the break. 

Belmont's aggressive pace has been an interesting matchup for Wisconsin's more, well, Big Ten style. The Bruins have forced more turnovers than Wisconsin would like, but haven't been able to connect on enough shots to make them count.

Jordan Taylor leads with 14 points, three of those coming from downtown. The Badgers have hit seven of their 14 three-point attempts, a better shooting percentage than Belmont's mustered from the floor in general. Mick Hedgepeth leads Belmont with 11.

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