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VIDEO: Butler Beats Pittsburgh After Crazy Fouls At End Of Game

You may live for the next 100 years. (Good for you, in that case!) But you will never see an ending to a basketball game — much less an NCAA Tournament game — as absolutely insane as the end to Butler's 71-70 win over Pittsburgh in Third Round action today. Video of the final seconds of Butler-Pittsburgh, and possibly the two worst fouls in college basketball history, is after the jump.

Let's recap! What you see, in order, is an absolutely brilliant play from Butler's offense, equally marvelous in design and execution; a numbingly stupid Shelvin Mack foul; an ice-blooded Gilbert Brown free throw; a stunning Gilbert Brown miss; a stupefying Nasir Robinson foul; and some steely Matt Howard free throws, first a make to give Butler the lead and then an intentional miss to prevent a Pitt buzzer-beater. You see two legitimate foul calls, too, and it's worth noting that these are tremendously dumb plays by Mack and Robinson that get judged correctly by the referees on the court. And that all only took 7.1 seconds of game clock that feel like they spanned a week.

Butler moves on to face the winner of Wisconsin-Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen in New Orleans. Pittsburgh crashes out without a Sweet Sixteen win for the seventh time in eight years under Jamie Dixon. And March Madness remains pretty cool, I guess.

Here's HD video of the last 7.1 seconds of Butler-Pitt, via @bubbaprog, just in case one or both of these get pulled from the Internet: