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Columnist Wonders About Premarital Sex, Trolls Hard

Okay, you all know it now: BYU doesn't allow pre-marital sex. They also don't allow caffeine, shorts, and a lot of other things other Americans hold dear. This is news brought to you by stories that are three weeks old, and like bread, milk, and meat products, anything left out on the shelf for three weeks is considered old, inedible, and too stale for consumption.

Au contraire, says a "columnist from Orlando."

A reporter just asked Billy Donovan how tough it would be to recruit players to Florida if they couldn't have premarital sex.less than a minute ago via web


The columnist in question would be Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel. The issue of whether this is disrespectful to BYU is irrelevant, since BYU's got the right to be offended and Bianchi has the right to ask stale, hackneyed questions. This is the United States, where it's our obligation to tolerate all kinds of foolishness equally. But if you want to know the exact point where the internet and newspapers intersect, it is in this, the act of trolling so hard it makes your colleagues groan with you in the room.

(There is one crucial difference, though: internet trolling is fresh and timely, lest you be hit with a "cool story, bro" or "old.")