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Jamaal Franklin Commits Technical Foul Running Into Kemba Walker In Sweet 16 Game

Kemba Walker is the last guy you want to fire up in a game, but clearly Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State didn't get the memo. With the Aztecs rolling with a four-point lead with just over nine minutes to go in their Sweet 16 matchup with UConn, Franklin decided to send a message to Walker, for some reason.

As the two teams went to their respective benches during a timeout, Franklin decided to run over Walker and nail him with a little forearm shiver. There's no doubt that Walker is selling the contact a little bit (OK, fine, a lot), but if you're Kennedy, you need to be smarter than that.

Predictably, Walker responded by scoring the next 14 points to turn a four-point deficit into an eight-point lead with just under four minutes remaining. It's impossible to say whether Walker was pissed off and elevated his play because of Kennedy's shenanigans, but it fits into the narrative, so we'll just run with it. 

The play, via @bubbaprog, is below the jump.