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VIDEO: VCU Basketball's Final Four Theme Song, 'Shaka's Got Em Believing'

With the Final Four right around the corner, just about everyone in America is on the VCU bandwagon. But there may still be a few holdouts out there... So, in case you're not convinced of Virgina Commonwealth's charm, here's a song that should put you over the top.

Set to "Hooked On A Feeling", and with a heavy dose of "OOGA SHAKA", it's Super Bowl Shuffle-type awesome:

Of course there's full lyrics after the jump.

And sorry, but if you don't enjoy hearing "OOGA OOGA, OOGA SHAKA" over and over, then you're clearly channeling way too much Jim Nantz, and I just don't want to know you.


Shaka's got the feeling
That it's "destiny"
World you just don't realize
What was meant to be

Speed it up now
Keep the throttle down
Bugatti Boys
Now you're Houston bound

Shaka's Got 'Em Believing
That this is the season
V-C-U Victory

USC & Georgetown are standing on the side
The Boilermakers, Seminoles and the Jayhawks
Were denied

On a bus to Houston
We're in the Final Four
Butler didn't realize
What they were in for

So good luck now
Know your not alone
Keep it up Rams
Yeah you turn me on

Shaka's Got 'Em Believing
That this is the season
V-C-U Victory


(HT: Darren Rovell)