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NCAA Championship Game 2011: UConn's Kemba Walker Feeling Fatigued

Does Kemba Walker have 40 more minutes of basketball left in him? We'll find out in the NCAA Championship Game on Monday night, but there is no question that UConn's star guard is starting to feel the wear of the past month.

First, he was asked to lead UConn through the Big East Tournament, which the Huskies won, earning them a 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament. And over the past three weeks during March Madness, Kemba has continued to lead his team, playing 384 of the 405 minutes of basketball the Huskies have played. In UConn's last three games, Kemba has played the full 40 minutes. After their win over Kentucky in the Final Four, Walker finally admitted that he was tired.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino -- the only man to beat both Butler and UConn this season -- says fatigue will be a deciding factor in the NCAA Championship Game:

"I think Butler will win the game, and it won't be at the buzzer," Pitino said Sunday, reached by telephone. "It'll be by seven or eight points."

"My observation is that Connecticut's a tired team right now," he said. "I think Kemba [Walker] is worn out. I think Butler is the winner because of it."

When the ball is tipped at 9:23 p.m. ET on Monday night, we'll all learn just how tired Kemba is, or isn't. And if the supporting UConn cast can help carry the Huskies to a National Championship.