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NCAA Championship Game 2011: UConn, Butler Have Crowd To Contend With

I know what you're thinking, world. You're thinking "I wish there were some quality blogs writing about this upcoming 2011 NCAA Championship Game between UConn and Butler. That would be just swell." Luckily, you have come to the right place. The UConn Blog has Connecticut fans covered, and they spent some time focusing on the likely pro-Butler crowd and how their team has dealt with similar hostile environments in the past.

I would expect that a good 80% or more of the arena crowd will be rooting for Butler, and that 90% or more of America will do the same.

That's not generally a good thing, but if there's one guy who can motivate the hell out of his guys and one guy who thrives on being backed up against the wall by the closing-in mobs, it's Jim Calhoun.

The Huskies have displayed incredible toughness in pretty much every game since the Pitt Big East Tournament game. They've battled back from deficits, played basically every game (save perhaps the BET championship game) in front of an at-the-very-least-majority unfriendly crowd.

Hopefully, this is right in their wheelhouse.

Obviously, a team playing in the Big East is going to have to play in front of some hostile crowds throughout the season, but they could be dealing with upwards of 50,000 people who are cheering for Butler tonight, which is not something they can say they have faced before.

For more on this game, UConn fans should join The UConn Blog, and Butler fans should join SB Nation Indiana and Mid Major Madness.