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NCAA Championship Game 2011: Jeremy Lamb To Challenge Butler Defense

In the build-up to tonight's big matchup between Butler and UConn, SBNation Indiana discussed their keys to the NCAA Championship game, and one of those had to do with the vastly underrated Jeremy Lamb. Despite the fact that Kemba Walker is the headliner for the Huskies, the Bulldogs should ignore Lamb at their peril.

Walker may get all the headlines, but Lamb has been the catalyst for this NCAA Tournament run, and he poses a little bit of a match-up problem for Butler, especially when he is playing with two big guys. He's taller and thinner than Shelvin Mack, but could be guarded by Khyle Marshall, who has a couple inches on him, but isn't used to guarding a perimeter player. Lamb is averaging over 15 points per game during their 10 game winning streak, and could be a major factor in the game.

The potential Lamb-Marshall matchup sounds like an interesting one. Marshall was eased into his role as a freshman, but he's really started to show his potential in the NCAA Tournament, taking on an expanded role. It's tough to guess if Marshall's inexperience will be a problem, but his length and athleticism should frustrate Lamb at the very least.

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