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Butler Vs. UConn Score: Kemba Walker Finally On The Board

Kemba Walker missed his first five shots in the 2011 NCAA championship game, but might have finally figured out Reliant Stadium's architecture. With 13 minutes to go in the first half the UConn star drilled his first score of the game, following it shortly after with a layup and one.

Butler now trails 13-9 with about 12 minutes left in the period. The Huskies are owning the paint early on.

Ronald Nored is having a frisky game so far, drawing a Kemba foul and aiding a Zach Hahn steal on UConn's next possession. 

Wallker made up for a poor shooting start by pitching in on the glass, pulling down a game-high four rebounds so far. He's trailed by Shelvin Mack's three. This game will come down to which guard can grab the most rebounds. No, it probably won't.

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