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Butler Basketball Surviving Against UConn In 2011 NCAA Final

Butler is not playing beautiful basketball in the first half, going over five minutes without a score before an Andrew Smith layup brought them up to speed. You'd think they'd be well behind UConn and Kemba Walker after an opening like that, but both teams are looking equally challenged on offense. Only five combined turnovers so far, though.

After trailing early, Butler has taken a 16-15 lead with about seven minutes left in the first. Prime evidence that the game is being played on Butler's terms: the Bulldogs reached the bonus with well over nine minutes left to go, with two fouls called on Alex Oriakhi already.

Charles Okwandu made his first score of the night on a simple putback of a Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel three, putting UConn's interior advantage to good use. Butler may not need to bang it inside if they continue shooting threes better than twos, as Chase Stigall drilled his second three of the night just before the last TV timeout.

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