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NCAA Championship Game 2011 Score: It's Low And Very Slowly Increasing

The 2011 NCAA basketball final has not been a treat so far. Highlight of the night for me: Jim Nantz semi-predicting the game between Butler and UConn would come down to another "launch," a la last year's half-court heave that nearly beat Duke, before adding, "We are in the Space City." Oh you Nantzy, huh!

Five minutes remain in the first half, and Butler has just forced a 19-19 tie.

Compared to Butler's 23 percent, UConn is shooting the lights out of the place. Kemba Walker has seven points on 10 attempts from the floor and has lost the rebounding mastery that defined his role during that weird few minutes that saw even Kemba rendered useless. Shelvin Mack, Alex Oriakhi, and Charles Okwandu now all have four boards. There are kind of a lot of them to go around, I'm saying.

Chase Stigall leads Butler with six points, which he got by making two shots.

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