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Shelvin Mack Buzzer Beater Gives Butler Halftime Lead Over UConn

Shelvin Mack swished a deep three as the least-eventful first half in non-Big Ten basketball ground to a close. Butler holds a 22-19 lead over UConn at the break, with Bulldogs coach Brad Stevens chalking the low score up to both teams "guardin' hard." The world will never again question your defense's solidity, coach.

With the score, Mack joins Kemba Walker as the game's other most-productive player. Both have seven points. They should team up.

UConn's shooting percentage has dipped below 30 percent after coming in at a scalding 33 at one point, but their interior edge is holding strong. They've out-rebounded Butler by eight so far. So why is Butler winning? Well, three-point shots like Mack's. They've hit five of 14, which isn't fantastic in most games but is downright lethal in a game like this. 

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