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UConn Vs. Butler Score: Huskies Find Thier Shots, Reclaim Lead

Second-half adjustments are in effect and UConn's are working a little bit better. The Huskies lead the Butler Bulldogs 31-26 with 13:31 left in the game.

The Huskies have their FG percentage up to 26% while the Bulldogs' shooting continues to fall off a cliff. It now stands at 16% for the game. Butler could indeed make history tonight, but it might not be the history they were hoping for.

Kemba Walker leads the Huskies with 10 points, followed by Jeremy Lamb with 7. Meanwhile, Shelvin Mack has 7 for the Bulldogs and has not scored in the second half.

UConn seems to have found a bit of a groove and Butler is beginning to let things slip away. Lamb and Walker have a chance to create some space and could do so very soon.

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