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UConn Vs. Butler: Nothing Going Right For Butler In Second Half

In a perfect metaphor for Butler's night so far, Bullsog Andrew Smith took the ball in the paint and posted up with about 10:30 left in the game. He spun, found an open lane in front of him, took two steps to the basket, layed the ball up and watched it roll off the rim. A UConn player grabbed the ball and Smith immediately fouled him, his third of the evening.

Everything looked great leading up to Smith' shot. And everything went wrong as soon as he took it. That's your evening so far, Butler, and a big part of the reason they trail 39-28 with ten minutes left in the game.

UConn has outscored the Bulldogs 20-6 so far in the half and Butler is 8-for-49 on the night (16%). Barring a drastic momentum shift, things are about to slip away from the Bulldogs. And the way they're shooting right now, chucking up threes, it's not looking good. It's as if the Bulldogs

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