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VIDEO: UConn Vs. Butler 'Highlights' From 2011 NCAA Championship Game

See what we did in the headline there? We put “highlights” in quotations marks. Because there really weren’t any, you see? Not to discredit UConn’s amazing run through the NCAA Tournament, and its third NCAA Championship game victory, but any time your opponent shoots 18 percent from the field — and makes THREE two-point field goals — then “highlights” must be in sarcastic quotations. It’s a rule.

So, if you dare re-live the 2011 NCAA Championship game, here are the video “highlights” of UConn’s 53-41 win over Butler:

As SB Nation’s Andrew Sharp wrote on Tuesday morning, at least the miserable basketball played on Monday night gave us something memorable. Sure, UConn blew out Butler in the end, but it was the ugliest blow-out we may ever see. For the rest of basketball history, anytime you’re watching a game and it’s boring and sloppy, you’ll be able to say, “well, at least it’s not UConn-Butler.” See, history made!