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NCAA Women's Basketball Championship 2011: Was It Better Than The Men's Game?

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Watching the ghastly NCAA Championship Game on Monday, some folks wondered whether it might get upstaged by the women's game the next day. And sure enough... Notre Dame and Texas A&M put on quite the show in the title game Tuesday night.

At USA Today, Christine Brennan crunches some numbers:

Consider that just 94 points were scored in Connecticut's ugly victory against Butler on Monday. But the women? They reached 94 with 14:25 to go in their game, then added 52 more.

Combined, the men shot 26% in their title game. The women, 50%.

It's not fair to judge the two games against each other, but that's certainly nothing new for women's hoops. It just so happens that this is one of the first times the comparisons favor the women. It was the first time no 1-seeds made the title game since 1994, and instead of chalk, the women's tournament got some refreshing parity, a few big name stars, and a classic final that we'll remember for a long time. And, for once, a much more entertaining game than the men's side.