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2011 NFL Combine Schedule For All Invited Players

The 2011 NFL Combine invite list has already been released and now we're looking at the schedule each of these players will be going through in their four days in Indianapolis. 

The schedule is broken down into groups. The first set of arrivals comes in on on Wednesday and includes place kickers, special teams, offensive line and tight ends. The second day (Thursday) will see quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs arrive, while the third day (Friday) will see the defensive linemen and linebackers arrive and the final day (Saturday) will see the defensive backs arrive.

The arrival times for each group are staggered so NFL draft junkies have nearly a full week of 40-yard dash times, vertical jumps and quarterback heights to measure.

Here's a break down of the schedule:

Day one: The players will be traveling to Indianapolis and going through registration once they arrive. There will be some medical things on that first day -- pre-workout exams and x-rays -- before they move into orientation explaining what the week is all about. After that there will be interviews with various NFL teams who want to speak with that particular player.

Day two: There will be physical measurements of the players, some exams, media time, psych tests and then more interviews with NFL teams.

Day three: The third day includes a meeting with the NFLPA, which should be somewhat interesting because there were rumors that the union was thinking about boycotting the Combine. Obviously that's not the case now but that will be something that's raised during the media session. After that, there will be more interviews with NFL teams.

Day four: There wil be workouts on this day -- timing, stations and skill drills -- and then players will prepare to depart Indy.