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Nebraska's Prince Amukamara Will Do All Drills At 2011 NFL Combine

Often times the players expected to be picked high in the 2011 NFL draft won't participate in all the drills as the NFL Combine. The thinking is that they don't want to do something that could negatively affect their draft stock. So you have players like QB Blaine Gabbert that won't perform in all the drills in Indianapolis.

Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara is not taking the Gabbert approach. Instead, he's taking the Ndamukong Suh approach and participating in all drills even though he's expected to be a high draft pick. Via the Omaha World-Herald:

"If there was something you were unsure about, yeah, maybe I'd not do it," Amukamara said. "But I don't feel that way."

Amukamara will be the last group to arrive in Indianapolis and won't be working out until next Tuesday. He and CB Patrick Peterson are the top two cornerbacks in the draft. I'd be curious to see if a strong performance can push him closer to Peterson.