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Cam Newton, Dallas Cowboys To Meet During 2011 NFL Combine

Well, of course the Dallas Cowboys are planning to interview Cam Newton during the 2011 NFL Combine. They pick No. 9 in the NFL Draft, and Newton is expected to be a top-10 pick — of course they’re interviewing him.

Could just be Jerry Jones hoping to learn more about what his alma mater Arkansas Razorbacks ever did to deserve the worst pounding Newton ever dished out while at Auburn, of course.

This story is only a story of note to anyone outside of Dallas because it’s the Cowboys and because it’s Newton. Dallas already has a very good quarterback in Tony Romo. Jones loves him, last we heard, and famously dismissed Tim Tebow’s chances to “get on the field” for the Cowboys last year. Tebow is the player Newton’s most-often compared to.

The chances of Newton ending up in Dallas are very slim, but it would be an oversight for the Cowboys to avoid interviewing a top pick like Newton.

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