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2011 NFL Combine Schedule: Kickers Get To Work; Defensive Linemen, Linebackers Arrive

Friday is actually a big day at the 2011 NFL Combine even though place kickers and special teamers are the only ones working out. That's because the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs, who arrived in the second group on Thursday, will be meeting with the media on Friday.

That means we'll hear from the likes of QB Blaine Gabbert and QB Cam Newton, the top two quarterbacks in this class. We'll also hear from WR A.J. Green, the top running back in the class. As for running backs, RB Mark Ingram is going to be a popular individual.

The first group of players -- offensive linemen and tight ends -- are on their third day at the Combine. They'll have an NFLPA meeting, which should be interesting given the current state of the league, as well as take more tests and interview with more NFL teams.

The second group of players -- quarterbacks, receivers and running backs -- will have physical measurements, take psych tests and interview with NFL teams after meeting with the media. They won't work out until Sunday.

The third group of players -- defensive linemen and linebackers -- arrive Friday (today). They'll do registration stuff, some medical exams and meet with teams for interviews. They won't workout until Monday.

The fourth group of players -- defensive backs -- will arrive on Saturday.