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2011 NFL Combine Media Schedule Includes Lovie Smith, Mike Shanahan, Others

SB Nation's Mocking The Draft, who is in Indianapolis at the 2011 NFL Combine, passes along the media schedule for the various NFL GMs and head coaches who are speaking to reporters today.

Check out the full list at Mocking The Draft.

There are a few of the folks scheduled to talk today who could have some interesting draft-related nuggets. Rams GM Billy Devaney will likely be asked about holding the No. 1 pick last year and your thought process as you consider a quarterback. Packers' Ted Thompson will likely talk about building a Super Bowl roster, which every team should take note of.

Broncos GM Brian Xanders holds the second pick so people will want to hear if they're leaning a certain direction (I promise, he won't tell us even if he is). The Cardinals head coach (Ken Whisenhunt) and GM (Rod Graves) will also speak. They hold the fifth overall pick.

The Redskins hold the 10th pick in the draft and head coach Mike Shanahan will be at the podium. Do they go quarterback? I wouldn't expect Shanahan to let the cat out of the bag.