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2011 NFL Combine News Roundup: Tyron Smith Pulls Out, Owen Marecic Drops Linebacker

News and notes from the 2011 NFL Combine:

USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith is pulling out of the Combine. Our Mocking the Draft says it might not matter that much: Smith lost 22 pounds between his days as a Trojan and now, and that might have helped his draft stock as much as a complete and impressive Combine showing would have.

Stanford's Owen Marecic, the nation's best two-way player in 2010, won't be trying that trick in the NFL. He's at the Combine as a fullback, and also cut his signature long hair.

Rams scout Luke Driscoll's NFL Combine experience has reportedly included him urinating on a building and exposing himself to a female police officer. This does wonders for Super Bowl XLVI host Indianapolis' reputation as an exciting town, I'm sure.

Our blog on the scene, Turf Show Times, points out a dirty little secret: media can't watch the workouts. What they — and you — can do is watch the live NFL Combine stream on the NFL's website.