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2011 NFL Combine Results: Jake Locker Flashes Speed With 4.5 40 Time

As expected, Jake Locker is acquitting himself nicely in the parts of the 2011 NFL Combine that don't require him to throw passes. The Washington quarterback ran his 40-yard dash in a swift 4.52 seconds, second among quarterbacks to Tyrod Taylor, and prompted a bit of snark and perspective on Twitter from pundits who aren't exactly convinced that Locker has proven himself worthy of a draft pick yet.

First, from Smart Football's Chris Brown:

Final thought on Locker. I like him but would he get all these extra looks at QB if he was a black QB from spread O who ran a 4.5 w/ 54%?

Remember: Pat White ran a 4.55 40-yard dash time at his NFL Combine, had a track record of success and accuracy in college behind him — and was regarded as a poor selection even before he washed out with the Dolphins.

And then there was the snark, from a faux Mel Kiper:

Jake Locker runs a 4.52 in the 40 yard dash. Perfect speed to chase down defenders that intercept his passes.

Yeah, that sounds about right.