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2011 NFL Combine Results: Cam Newton's Workout Alternately Impressive, 'Terrible'

The most-discussed 2011 NFL Draft prospect is assuredly Cam Newton. And the Heisman Trophy winner and national champion gave the chattering classes more to talk about at the 2011 NFL Combine today.

Newton and the rest of the quarterbacks are running through their workouts on this Sunday, and his results have already gotten reactions. First, his massive 10-foot, six-inch broad jump got hailed as "explosive" and "elite" by Chris Mortensen, and then he ran his 40-yard dash in a very respectable 4.58 seconds.

Then Newton started throwing a football. At the same time, people started getting pessimistic! A scout told Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio that Newton "looks terrible," which is about what one would expect to hear about a performance that included Newton throwing six consecutive incomplete passes at one point.

As always with Newton — and most things — the truth is probably somewhere between the two extremes. Analyst David Pollack may have made the best point:

Cam looks like a project that needs some work, but that project has A+++++ potential.