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Stephen Paea Sets New NFL Combine Record With 49 Bench Press Reps

We have a new record at the NFL Combine, thanks to Stephen Paea's prodigious strength. (Well, sort of, anyway.)

Paea set a new record on the bench press with 49 repetitions at 225 pounds, showing some of the strength that made him a great player at Oregon State and a promising draft prospect.

It may not be the best bench press performance at the NFL Combine, though.

According to multiple sources, Eastern Kentucky's Justin Ernest did 51 reps at 225 pounds back in 1999. Paea's performance is being cited as a record by NFL Network — and if any source is an authority, it's the NFL's own network — but there is some wonder whether this is actually the record.

Paea ought to hope that he can put together a more complete performance and a better NFL career than Ernest: the Eastern Kentucky product went undrafted and never played a down in the NFL.