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2011 NFL Combine Schedule For Monday Includes Defensive Line, Linebackers

The 2011 NFL Combine rolls along on Monday with quite a few less players. The following position groups have left Indianapolis already: kickers, offensive line, tight ends, quarterbacks, receivers and running backs. The quarterbacks are usually the main focus so the final two days of the Combine won't have the same star power.

On Monday, though, we'll see the defensive linemen and linebackers workout. The top of the draft this year is loaded with defensive line talent and multiple personnel evaluators said this week that the defensive end class is really strong. You've got DEs like Robert Quinn and Da'Quan Bowers who could make a case to be the top pick while you've also got solid defensive tackles like Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus, another two players could be the top pick.

Following Monday's workouts, the defensive linemen and linebackers will exit Indy. The next time we'll see a lot of them will be a their pro day. Most pro days are starting over the next couple of weeks.

The final group that will be in Indy is the defensive backs. They're on day three right now which means they have an NFLPA meeting, psych tests and interviews with teams. By Tuesday, though, they'll be working out.

That's the Combine schedule for Monday, the second to last day in Indianapolis.

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