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NFL Combine Loses Some Rockstar Status Without Cam Newton

Every year at the NFL Combine there's one prospect who receives the bulk of the attention and stands out above the rest. Last year it was Tim Tebow as huge crowds converged on him to see whether he had the skill set to become an NFL quarterback.

This year, it's Cam Newton. SB Nation's Mocking The Draft attended Newton's media session at the Combine over the weekend and we'll let them set the scene....

The Heisman Trophy winner had an appearance like a rock star. He received a mike check. More flash bulbs popped. Reporter microphones were propped in the air like lighters in a love song. Newton was controlling the crowd like Mick Jagger. One reporter, perhaps facetiously, said he was going to ask for an autograph.

Newton's Combine is over now but, outside of him, you know, actually throwing the ball, the story was of the weekend was all the attention placed upon him. He addressed the "entertainer and icon" statement, said he's interested in every NFL team and tiptoed around the question marks surrounding him including his legal trouble at Florida.

Now that Newton is gone, some of the flair around the Combine has left. The rockstar is gone but, if you can't get enough, Mocking The Draft has a full recap of what he had to say to the media (including video).