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NFL Combine Results: Near Perfect Score On Wonderlic For QB Greg McElroy

It's believed that the highest score an active NFL player has scored on the Wonderlic test at the NFL Combine is a 48 by Kansas City Chiefs WR Kevin Curtis. Assuming former Alabama QB Greg McElroy is drafted, Curtis will soon have company in the 48 club.

The Star-Telegram reports McElroy scored a 48 on the Wonderlic test -- just two points away from a perfect 50. Former Harvard punter Pat McInally is believed to be the only player who has scored a perfect 50.

In a time when the "Patriot Way" has an influence on the way teams prepare, scoring a 48 on the Wonderlic can be a nice draft boost. Teams need to know that players can A.) handle the physical part of being a quarterback, B.) handle the media that comes along with it and C.) handle learning an NFL playbook.

It looks like McElroy has that third one taken care of. Still, McElroy looks like a late round draft pick anyway.

McElroy didn't do much at the Combine because he has a cast on his throwing arm after breaking his hand. He's expecting to get it off next week and start throwing again. He's not expected to be ready for Alabama's March 9th pro day which means he'll need to take visits to teams when he's ready to throw.