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2011 NFL Combine Results: Prince Amukamara Runs Unofficial 4.37 40-Yard Dash

We noted that the top two corners in the 2011 NFL draft would be facing off on Tuesday, the final day of the 2011 NFL Combine. LSU's Patrick Peterson is expected to be the top cornerback taken (for now) while Nebraska's Prince Amukamara is expected to be the second cornerback taken.

We're not saying that will change but my ears perked up when I heard Amukamara ran a 4.37 40-yard dash. Clearly, speed isn't a question for him. 

So how will Peterson do in the 40-yard dash? According to SB Nation's Mocking The Draft, the 6'0", 219-pound cornerback said over the weekend he plans to beat 4.37 seconds.

Peterson said he feels fluid at that weight. So fluid that last week he said he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.29 seconds. He intends to run in the 4.2-second range during defensive back workouts on Tuesday.

Amukamara said over the weekend that he feels he's the better cornerback of the two. It's a nice rivalry developing between these two, who should be the first two cornerbacks off the board in April.

Check out Mocking The Draft for more on the cornerback workouts on Tuesday.