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Patrick Peterson's Pro Day Includes Dinner With Panthers

LSU's Patrick Peterson didn't run the 40-yard dash at his pro day on Monday instead sticking with the numbers he got at his impressive NFL Combine. Peterson is potentially a top pick in the 2011 NFL draft and there were some major names at the pro day including Sean Payton and Mike Tomlin, a pair of Super Bowl winning coaches.

Peterson is a candidate to be picked in the first few picks but it was Carolina who expressed interest in him. The Panthers, who hold the top pick next April, had dinner with Peterson. It appears he'd be a legitimate candidate to go No. 1 overall although a cornerback has never gone that high.

The Denver Broncos were one team conspicuously absent from Peterson's pro day. They hold the second pick and it was believed that Peterson is a candidate for that pick. Though there are indications the Broncos will go defensive line, I could also see them taking a long, hard look at Peterson.

There were 11 total players taking part in the LSU pro day but Peterson was by far the biggest profile.

Peterson will likely go in the top 10 but I'll be interested to see over these next few weeks if there's anymore chatter for him to go No. 1 overall.