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Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma Pro Days Coming Tuesday

The 2011 NFL draft is still a month and a half away but some of the most important aspects of the draft process will be taking place over the next couple of weeks with the various pro days. This is when players will gather at their school and work out for the scouts and NFL personnel folks in attendance.

The pro day schedule is pretty randoms so you get some days -- like Monday -- that don't have any big name schools And then you get some days -- like Tuesday -- that include three of the biggest football schools in the country.

On Monday, we'll see the following schools conduct a pro day: Arkansas Tech, Central Arkansas, Rhode Island and Tuskegee. No offense to those schools but they're not the cream of the pro day crop.

Tuesday, though, has some major players. The following schools will conduct pro days on Tuesday: Alabama A&M, Arkansas, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Auburn, Fordham, Liberty, Minnesota, NOrthwestern, Oklahoma and Prairie View A&M.

In that list of names, you'll find Arkansas, Auburn and Oklahoma, which are three schools NFL scouts love to hit because they traditional put out a ton of talent. This year is no different with guys like Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and Ryan Mallett.