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Auburn Pro Day Will Attract Top Teams In 2011 NFL Draft

On Tuesday the Auburn pro day is coming and as we mentioned they won't be the only show that day with Arkansas and Oklahoma also holding pro days on Tuesday. Auburn's is of particular interest because they have two players -- QB Cam Newton and DT Nick Fairley -- in play for the top No. 1 overall pick.

Though every team, or nearly every team, will be represented at Auburn's pro day, a couple of the top decisions makers from the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will be on-hand. The Panthers, owners of the No. 1 pick, will send head coach Ron Rivera and the Broncos, holding the No. 2 pick, will send John Elway.

The Panthers have sent mixed signals on whether they're looking for a quarterback. They've noted the importance of a franchise quarterback but we're not sure if they think QB Jimmy Clausen can be that guy. His play in 2010 doesn't suggest he is but, then again, he was a second round pick. The Panthers will also be taking a look at Fairley as a No. 1 pick candidate.

The Broncos aren't thought to be one of the teams considering a quarterback at No. 2 but we're not really sure where they stand at quarterback either with QB Kyle Orton and QB Tim Tebow in the fold (for now). The Broncos are expected to be considering a defensive lineman, perhaps Fairley, with the second overall pick.

The action kicks off on Tuesday at Auburn. And by "action" we mean players running some drills, sort of like the Combine.

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