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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks Select QB Ryan Mallett

The Seattle Seahawks are picking 25th in SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft and plenty of folks think they'll look hard and long at drafting a quarterback. Picking for the Seahawks, SB Nation's Field Gulls decides that quarterback is the route to go selecting QB Ryan Mallett.

This will be among the most controversial picks as Mallett has some red flags attached to him but Field Gulls says this is ultimately a good value.

Ultimately the upside of Ryan Mallett is too much to pass up. The character concerns are there but widely unsubstantiated, and Mallett is a good fit for the direction the Seahawks want to go in. Most scouts rate his arm in the top 10 range, but Mallett will fall due to off-field and character concerns. The Seahawks' front office has shown a willingness to take a chance on these types of issues, and will see Mallett at No. 25 as a good value.     

This is a tough pick here. Mallett may not be the best fit for Seattle's offense but they need some sort of future behind QB Matt Hasselbeck, who may not be back with the Seahawks next year.

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