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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens Select DE Aldon Smith

The Baltimore Ravens are on the clock with the 26th pick in SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft and Baltimore Beatdown is getting excellent value with their pick, DE Aldon Smith. He'll move to outside linebacker in the Ravens defensive scheme but this is an excellent pick for them.

They get another great pass rushing linebacker who, in this scheme, will likely perform at a high level. I really like this pick. I think Baltimore Beatdown is right in writing this is the steal of the first round.

He has the perfect size and speed to put his hand in the dirt and be a fierce pass rushing complement to Terrell Suggs, and will erase the problem of sacking the QB that the Ravens have had in the past few years. Value-wise, Aldon Smith may be the biggest steal of any team in the first round.

This would be a case of the rich getting richer. The Ravens have a wealth of talent on the defensive side of the ball and Smith would add to that. Smith would be very happy to land here.

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