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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Atlanta Falcons Select DE Justin Houston

The Atlanta Falcons are drafting 27th in SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft and The Falcoholic writes they'll be looking for DE John Abraham's eventual replacement. For that, the Falcons have selected Georgia DE Justin Houston. The Falcons will stay in-state which will more than likely make quite a few of their fans happy.

Here's what The Falcoholic said about Houston:

Most importantly, he becomes the heir apparent to John Abraham. One of his generation's finest sack masters, Abraham is on the wrong side of 30 and his contract is up after 2011. The team has long been in need of an effective complement to him and someone who can take his place should he not return to Atlanta, and Houston looks like he could be that guy.

The great teams recognize when their stars are falling and have replacements ready. They don't just let them age and do nothing about it. Plus, rushing the passer is incredibly important and the Falcons recognize that. I like this move a lot and it's a very popular mock draft pick so others do, too.

For the full explanation of the pick,check out Mocking The Draft.