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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Houston Texans Select S Rahim Moore

SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft rolls on in the second round with the Houston Texans picking 42nd. Battle Red Blog is looking to shore up the Texans defense and has selected S Rahim Moore in the second round.

Here's what Battle Red Blog said about the pick:

Breaking news, MTD readers: the Texans' defense is horrendous. Breakinger news: the stench emanating from the Houston secondary is the biggest reason why. Breakingest news: not once in their previous nine rookie drafts have the Texans ever seen fit to address the free safety position with anything other than a late-round pick. That wouldn't be so offensive if the team had ever signed a respectable free agent to play free safety. Alas, that hasn't happened either. So here we are, as desperate for coverage help at safety as ever, with monstrous problems at corner as well.

This is even an understatement -- that's how bad the Texans defense was this year. Really bad. This is about their only choice with some of these high picks -- fix the defense. The offense is nearing elite levels to a competent defense makes this a dangerous team.

For the full explanation of this pick, check out Mocking The Draft.