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One 2011 NFL Draft Trade May Already Be On The Table

One of the biggest differences with the 2011 NFL draft compared to previous years is the lack of trades involving players. The NFL lockout has prohibited teams from trading players so any trades going down will have to involve 2011 draft picks or future draft picks.

Peter King of says that, even though it hasn't been completed yet, there's already a trade on the table.

There's a team in the draft that has a deal on the table -- I'm guessing New England (surprise!) -- with a team trying to come back into the first round. The deal will net the team dealing the first-rounder the following: a second-round pick in 2011 and a first-round pick in 2012. The deal, I hear, is contingent on the player the trade-up team wants still being there.

Worth noting: King has the Tennessee Titans trading back with New England into the second round in his mock draft to select QB Christian Ponder. I wonder if that's more than a hunch.

SB Nation's Mocking The Draft recently warned some teams looking to trade back into the first round. Read about that here.

Also worth noting: New England has only five 2012 draft picks. This year they have three of the top 33 picks thanks to trades made last year so it wouldn't be a bad guess that they'll look to trade a 2011 draft pick for future draft picks.