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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens Select WR Jon Baldwin

SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft continues with the 58th overall pick and representing the Baltimore Ravens is Baltimore Beatdown. Looking at the players on the board, they've selected WR Jon Baldwin.

Here's what Baltimore Beatdown says:

He will make a great complement for the sure-handed Derrick Mason and intense Anquan Boldin in the Ravens passing game. Once again, very surprised to see such a highly ranked wideout still on the board in this position, a pick that no Ravens fan can be disappointed with.    

Aldon Smith in the first round and now Baldwin here. The Ravens are having a solid draft getting players at great values. It's hard for them to pass this up even with the supposed character concerns on Baldwin. Baltimore is a veteran locker room so I think if any team can handle a player with character concerns, it's the Ravens. 

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