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NFL Mock Draft Surprise: WR Jonathan Baldwin To Falcons In Round One

If you've been watching ESPN this week then you probably noticed the 2011 NFL draft special with Bill Parcells. They showed portions of his draft board and I noticed that he had Pittsburgh WR Jonathan Baldwin rated as a third round pick.

That's an interesting spot for him in light of the latest mock draft from Don Banks of, who has him going in the first round. 

Indeed, Baldwin, who's widely viewed as a second round pick, could move into the first round. Banks has the Atlanta Falcons selecting him. The team is especially relevant because Peter King of reported that the Falcons would like to move up far enough to select WR A.J. Green or WR Julio Jones. That seems unlikely, though.

So if they go receiver, Baldwin could be an option. He has the physical skills but seems to be more of a boom or bust player and I'm not sure that's GM Thomas Dimitroff's style.

So keep an eye on Baldwin. I don't think Banks' logic is too far off with this.