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Another 2011 NFL Mock Draft With WR Jonathan Baldwin In First Round

Mike Mayock's 2011 NFL mock draft is an interesting one because I think many people look to Mayock as the best NFL draft analyst in the business. He's got some odd ball picks and his mock draft definitely makes you think.

My ears perked up a little when I saw who he had going 29th overall to the Chicago Bears: WR Jonathan Baldwin. I just wrote about him the other day because Don Banks of also included him in the first round. Bill Parcells big board has him rated as a third rounder and, for the most part, mock drafts have been putting him in the second round.

So I find it interesting that a couple of respected mock drafters like Mayock and Banks have him in the first round.

There's no doubt he has the physical skills to succeed. He's 6'4", 228 pounds which is ideal size for a No. 1 receiver. He hasn't been incredibly productive and he has some off-the-field question marks so that's why folks were knocking him into the second round.

But I can see what Mayock and Banks are predicting. Some team out there -- like the Falcons or Bears -- will ignore the off-the-field questions and look at that size and potential and they won't be able to resist it.