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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Chicago Bears Select C Stefan Wisniewski

SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft continues with pick No. 62 and it's the Chicago Bears making the selection. Windy City Gridiron has taken a look at their needs and the available players and decided to select C Stefan Wisniewski.

Windy City Gridiron explains the pick:

Wisniewski comes from a family of NFL players, and his elite football intelligence and technique are a testament to those bloodlines. Many have pointed out that Wisniewski's upper-body strength is nothing more than average, but he knows how to play football, and uses technique, leverage and brains to more than make up for it.

Even though the second round is a little early for a center, I like this pick. The Bears have a major investment in QB Jay Cutler and need to do all they can to protect him. As they say, your team only goes as far as your quarterback can take them. This is an investment in the quarterback.

For the full explanation of the pick, check out Mocking The Draft.