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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Green Bay Packers Select DE Allen Bailey

SB Nation's 2011 NFL mock draft continues with the Green Bay Packers making the final pick of the second round. Acme Packing Company is looking to bolster the Pack's defense and selects DE Allen Bailey from Miami.

Acme Packing Company explains the pick:

He's a great athlete, but not a speed rusher, which might make him ideal as a five-technique (over the offensive tackle) DE in a 3-4 defense. It sounds like he's got the strength to hold the edge against the run. He could also compete with ends Mike Neal and C.J. Wilson as the lineman alongside NT B.J. Raji when the Packers play with only two linemen on passing downs.

This is an interesting pick for the 3-4 defense. The Packers have a very strong defense so Bailey can not only learn from the best but have a little time to get acclimated to the NFL. I like this pick.

For the full explanation of the pick, check out Mocking The Draft.