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Watch The 2011 NFL Draft Online At

The first round of the 2011 NFL draft is nearly here. 

If you can't watch the first round on TV with ESPN or NFL Network  -- don't worry. There are options. will carry a live stream of the draft so you can get your fill of Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock. Here is the NFL draft TV schedule for the weekend and here's the complete 2011 NFL draft order

If you're like me, then you'll have two screens set-up to monitor the action. I'll have ESPN on the TV and the live stream going so I can check out each outlet's coverage. ESPN and NFL Network will have cameras in various draft prospects homes and we'll see the second they get the call that they're being drafted. It's pretty cool stuff. 

Of course I'll also be keeping by tab open as our crew adds updates on all things NFL draft throughout the night. (Yes, I will be "working" past midnight. Feel sorry for me.)

One reason to watch the first round of the draft will be to see the reaction NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets from the fans. With the NFL lockout, many people expect Goodell to get booed at the top of the draft. 

We're counting down the draft clock now...